Mission Impossible: Find these pants!
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The pants Tom Cruise wears in the trailer for Mission Impossible 4 are excellent quality. Where can I get them?

In this clip, at 1:24 exactly you can see the ones I'm talking about. The pants are worn for the most part of the trailer; they're blue.

So, barring finding the original designer of the pants, does anyone know an online retailer that would sell extremely similar pants? I'm a teacher and like to dress well. Thanks!
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How can you tell they are excellent quality? Even when the video is paused, they are fairly blurred.
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Well, I have no idea what brand those particular pants are, but if you just want blue trousers that should handle fighting terrorism, these might do. (You can also get them in womens and/or fire-resistant.) (I know about these because Bruce Sterling just blogged about them.)
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Like jaydar, I don't really know what you're getting at. However, if you want good looking pants that *extremely* durable, check out Outlier--they're 4-way stretch in particular. I had a bike accident in May where I hit the ground so hard I broke my wrist, cracked my knee (the bruise is still there almost 5 months later) and my house key--which was in my pant pocket, rotated over itself till it looked like a corkscrew. The pants were bloodsoaked but after one washing looked brand new.
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Feh. Kevin Kelly was on it years ago. Also, you can't go wrong with Galls.
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Best answer: Everyone, fantasticninety, explicitly point out that he like the pants for their look.

To be honest they look like standard dress slacks. (I thought they looked grey.)

Given his build, I'd imagine they are slim fit (very similar to modern fit. If you aren't relatively short and very fit like Tom Cruise, try the modern cut) and without pleats.

I'd imagine they are a light-weight wool fabric, although it's not impossible that they are a cotton variant (it is impossible that they are a polyester blend).

You should be able to buy something essentially identical in almost any reputable retail store.
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I think it likely they were specifically tailored for him by the studio's costume department.
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+1 oddman, but I don't know if you can get the same look off the rack -- part of the reason the suit looks sharp is because it was tailored to fit Tom Cruise. Decent pair of wool dress pants with a modern cut + tailor and you might get somewhere, but, Hollywood-buff body + custom-made suit = good look, for sure, but not an easy thing to buy, especially not at a reasonable price.
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Response by poster: Thanks oddman for helping this thread.

For anyone reading through the posts, I'm just trying to find a pair of pants that look very similar to the ones in the trailer because they look nice.
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Best answer: If you can find a good picture of the pants you want try having them made for you by Baron Boutique in Nepal. Take your own measurements using their on-line instructions. I know it sounds unlikely, but the one suit they made for me was exquisite. I've been meaning to have another one made but frankly I don't ever wear a suit. I'm sure they could make the pants you want for same price as a good pair at a department store plus they will fit better.
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Ladybird range at Woolies. Defo.
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Best answer: They looked kind of shiny to me. There may be silk involved, FYI.
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