Musical Mashed Potatoes!
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Looking for some great music mashups!

Recently, it's like listening to mashups is almost -better- than listening to the original songs.

Snowflake: While I do mashups featuring Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc., don't feel limited by whether they're popular songs or not.
Also, the better, more complex mashups are great! Too many mashups are just some song laid over the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" super long intro, which is just boring.

I've also recently been listening to mashups from other countries such as:
Super Junior SHINee | Bonamana Lucifer Remix / Mashup
Remix - Hot K-pop 2010 - Special Mashup by DJ Masa (30 songs in one) [MV]

So feel free to recommend whatever! I prefer faster paced stuff, admittedly, and I LOVE it when completely different genres are thrown together. Hit me!
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Virtually every mash up by The Hood Internet is pure gold.
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My favourite mashups are both from MeFi Music.

Favourite fast one: East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94's This is Why I'm Fantastic.

Favourite slow one: Milkman Dan's I'm Still Wishing.
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I asked a more specific version of this question here. Enjoy!
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You know about Girl Talk, right?
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I really don't think it gets better than this mash-up.
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Fela Soul, Ghostfunk, Blendapella, Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy, Special Gunpowder, The Grey Album, Uneasy Listening...

There have been lots of questions along these lines before. Checking tags and reading old posts would probably be worthwhile.
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I LOVE it when completely different genres are thrown together.

The Strokes vs Christina Aguilera - A Stroke of Genie-us
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Search for 2 Many DJs - As Heard On Radio Soulwax on torrent sites -- there are like 7 CDs, and they're all amazing. They pretty much invented the mashup, and did it better than anyone else.
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DJ Earworm for pure poppy goodness
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Check out Super Mash Bros! I really liked their first album (Fuck Bitches, Get Euros) but wasn't feeling their second one as much. Both are available for download here:
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Bootie Blog.
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I am still terribly fond of the Kleptones' A Night at the Hip-Hopera, though it's seven years old. You've got to not mind their using the Beasties oeuvre as a go-to source of samples, though.
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Seconding empath's rec of soulwax; they're amazing. Can't wait to see them next month!

Also, "Live in LA" (.zip download from artist's site) by Z-Trip, because seriously... it is rad as hell and really lets the source tracks mesh and work together, to excellent effect. He mixes together Tool w/ Outkast, Janis Joplin w/ DJ Shadow... etc. Lot's of great stuff there. And it was all live on vinyl... pre-serato. Amazing. (I feel like I bring him up every chance I get; sorry if I sound like a broken record! It is really great! I'm just a happy fan!)
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yes to the kleptones. I've been listening to Uptime/Downtime a lot recently.

And the band that never gets mentioned enough: Negativland.
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I LOVE it when completely different genres are thrown together.

Bringing together two things that really aren't meant to be put together: "Cooking by the Book" A Lil' Bigger Mix by Mastgrr. Wrong & great.
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Also, some seconding: The Kleptones, The Hood Internet, Negativland (extra nice if you want some historical perspective). And 2 Many DJs are nice, but much (but certainly not all) of what they do veers into mixtape territory rather than mashing up.
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Kutiman makes some awesome video and music mashups. Be sure to see them all on youtube. The video is put together completely from existing youtube video. The guy's amazing!
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Yes, Uptime/Downtime is amazing, as is Cracked Pepper, an album-length mashup of Sergeant Pepper's. Great production throughout, and contains some real gems.
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Oh! And Nick Nice has 5 dj mixes of classic mashups on his podcast feed, Frooty Booty 1 through Frooty Booty 5. So much great stuff in there.
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