Albert Brooks film?
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Which Albert Brooks movie opens in a sporting goods store?

IMDB and Wikipedia don't say.
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Modern Romance has a classic bit in a Sports Locker. Not the opening scene, though.
posted by Iridic at 8:23 AM on September 16, 2011

Thanks Iridic! I saw it a long time ago at LA's New Beverly....IIRC if not the opening scene,it was fairly early in the movie.
posted by brujita at 8:28 AM on September 16, 2011

That's Bob Einstein (aka Super Dave) as the sales guy. He is Brook's brother.
posted by flipper at 9:21 AM on September 16, 2011

Super Dave Osborne, that is. :)

And yes, this means that Albert Brooks' birth name is Albert Einstein. Their dad was a card.
posted by rhizome at 9:28 AM on September 16, 2011

The New Beverly is now owned by Tarantino--my neighbor is the projectionist. (I know, bordering on Chatfilter.)
posted by Ideefixe at 10:12 AM on September 16, 2011

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