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I'm looking for reccommendations for ice skates to buy.

I want to ice skate for excercise and probably take some lessons in November - December (i took a few lessons as a kid and my parents would take me to leisure skate so I can do basic forward skating, not so much backwards). I haven't owned my own skates in a while and I would like to buy a pair of figure skating style skates. What are some good mid-level options? Are there any brands in figure skates comprable to the hockey skate brands?
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At our local rink the director of the skating school has a rather large collection of used figure skates that he sells and rebuys to learning skaters. That might be a way to try out various brands / models / sizes without a big $ commitment.
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Riedell is a good brand of boot for beginners on up, and Rinkmaster is a good beginner blade. S-P Teri is more expensive than Riedell.

If you can say where you are located, we might be able to recommend pro shops, such as Skaters Paradise in the D.C. area.
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I'm in Philadelphia, PA. I'm right across the bridge from Camden county NJ if anyone wants to reccommend shops in that area. I have fuzzy memories of that being the area I most went to as a child for skating stuff.
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If this is just for recreational use, not actual figure skating, I'd strongly endorse buying soft skates compared to hard boot ones. They're warmer and far more comfortable. Best innovation cross-over from rollerblading ever. Hockey-style blades (no picks) are much easier to skate with too, especially if you are not a very experienced skater.
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