Innovative websites as template/model for MFA research community
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I'm looking for examples of websites that have successfully enhanced a research community (academic or artistic) with a dynamic online/social/mutual-portfolio presence. Blog and social media based hubs, perhaps, that showcase the possibilities of web portfolio/research integration for academic and creative purposes.

I've been asked to help implement a website/blogging platform for a community of 20 MFA students.

Basically I'd like to gather up some examples of dynamic websites attached to academia (or similar i.e. the arts). These examples will be then passed on to my superiors with an eye to developing our own platform that takes the best approaches we discover and adds/mutates them to our needs. The cream of the crop in terms of design, content and implementation.

The perfect fit would (perhaps) give each student their own (blog) space from day one, and have the content they choose to share dynamically interface with the other students as the course unfolds. We might use it as a portfolio format (the students are studying art and writing) or we might integrate it with the theoretical components of the course, use it to share tutorial feedback, or even open the reading we do to the wider world.

Ideally we will do this cheaply, with open-source software.

Send me some impressive and inspiring examples!

Cheers in advance
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The CUNY Academic Commons is a good example -- successful, I think, but still just a couple years old.

Full disclosure: I work for the CUNY, though not for the Commons or for the school(s) it applies to.
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Response by poster: Any input of more small scale examples is appreciated. For example, group websites that have a dynamic structure to the way writers work together on the content. I can think of a thousand BoingBoing clones, but not many academic/art equivalents.
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Response by poster: Take note: Question fail
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