Song ID Ninjas? - Terrible vocal rendition of a popular song
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Ok, some of you are just plain talented with this stuff. My friend swears that this little ditty is from an ACTUAL song, but she has been trying to remember which song exactly for more than a month now... I'd like to ID the song before she does, and taunt her with the knowledge (like any good friend would do) just to watch her squirm!

Here's some context for you (that may or may not help...)
-(Maybe Michael Jackson)
-"In like, the scenes of a movie, when people are driving in New York for the first time!"
-"It's like, an eighties song!"
-"Like, the brass instruments, and stuff!" That's all I've got for you. If you can pull this off....Well....I'll consider you the Ken Jennings of pop music.
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It's the beginning of Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"
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Response by poster: You, my friend, win the prize. (Confirmation from aforementioned friend pending! :) )
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The old Green Hornet TV show theme?
Plus, I got to see the MAGIC RED BOX popup on the other thread. Ooh, shiny!
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Response by poster: What's the magic red box?
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Response by poster: (ALso, if there are any other ideas, feel free to add them! We'll see if (after I allow ample time for taunting/squirming) my friend concedes that this is, in fact, the song! :)
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For years I thought this song was by Justin Timberlake and they lyrics were "Get up at the porn shop. Don't stop 'till you get enough."
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Coming in to answer the "what's the magic red box" question --

You know how if you're in a thread, and someone posts a new comment to that thread, a box pops up at the bottom, down by the comment entry window, saying that someone's just added a comment? If you are in a thread at the exact moment that the mods decide to delete it, a RED box pops up instead telling you it's been deleted.
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The trill at the beginning of the Batman theme. (and also at scene changes)
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I just want to say that that sound file put a huge grin on my face.
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I was going to suggest the Green Hornet theme also, if your friend is thinking of the movie "Kill Bill". It plays when Uma travels to Tokyo, not New York, but the rest kinda fits?
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Not here to answer your question, but here to tell you how you should torture her with the knowledge.

Change her ringtone to this song! Or make your ringtone this song while you're around her!
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Response by poster: YES, YES, YES! Katypickle, I like your brain.
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Response by poster: My ringtone has now been updated... :) If anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to let me know :)
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"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" appears on the "Rush Hour 2" soundtrack. Since it appears in a comic karaoke scene in the movie, I wouldn't be surprised if a "straight" version played over the beginning or end credits.
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I hate when people say This makes me feel old, but not instantly knowing what song that is ... well, it's official.
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