Man with no address seeks Hong Kong bank account that asks no questions
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Is it possible to open a bank account in Hong Kong without actually being or residing in Hong Kong?

I may be entitled to some money under Hong Kong's Scheme $6000. However, in order to pick up the money, I need to have a Hong Kong bank account.

Would it be likely that I can open a Hong Kong bank account when I have no documentation or proof that I live in Hong Kong, but just a Permanent ID card? I can state that my address is the same as my parents', but I don't have any official documentation to that effect...
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Check here Scheme 6000 for more information. I know in Canada you just need to open an HK bank account at HSBC or Bank of China to receive the money (after registration). You're not Canadian but some of the q&a on eligibility at the RedFlagDeals forum may help you.
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I see you're in the UK?

If you're with HSBC Premier Banking, they should be able to open up an HK account for you with seamless links to your UK account. From memory, I think you can do this (for a fee) with even a vanilla HSBC account.
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