Wordpress theme with custom colors, drop shadow, and deckle edges?
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I have someone who wants a very specific look for a site but is on a budget, and before I get the design sliced and coded, I thought I'd check to see if anyone has seen a template that matches. We need to be able to pick all colors (background, sheet, etc), the sheet needs to have a shadow around it, and the sheet also needs to have deckle edges. The rest of the layout is pretty standard. Paid template is fine. Or, does anyone have recommendations for forums for theme recommendations?
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Thank you for introducing me to the word deckle. I previously didn't know how to describe that effect.

I would go to http://themeforest.net/category/all and look there. If you find a theme that's very close except for a tiny visual detail, you could shop the job out for almost nothing on a site like Freelancer/oDesk. If you are missing the ability to customize in an easy-to-use interface, you will not be able to easily add that, however.
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What is the framework you're using? Wordpress, Drupal, etc?
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michaelh - thanks - I'll start browsing. Old'n'Busted - its for wordpress. Thank you!
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