Help me find more music like Tara Nevin's version of "Stars Fell on Alabama"
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I'm particularly fond of Tara Nevin's rendition of "Stars Fell on Alabama" from the (terrible) film 20 Years After. (It's the only thing that made the film worth watching). It feels like something that could be played at a funeral march in the deep south. How would you categorize this particular piece of music? Dark bluegrass? Help me find more music in this dark and moody style. Slow, fiddle driven is a plus. Somber and dirge-like (musical rather than lyrical), double plus.
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Best answer: The Dirty Three come to mind.
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O'death call themselves "an American Gothic Country band." Start with Bugs, then Only Daughter and Angeline. You won't like all of their stuff -- it gets very energetic -- but those songs are a good start. You may also like Jay Munly's work.
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Here are the gothic americana artists on
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Best favorite southern dirge ever.

Okay but seriously. To varying degrees of accuracy, here's a few bands you might want to check out:

16 Horsepower
Reverend Glasseye

Slim Cessna's AutoClub
Jay Munly
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I don't know what I meant by "Best favorite." But it works.
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Best answer: Sarah Jarosz might fit the bill:

Annabelle Lee
Left Home
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Buy Greil Marcus' The Old, Weird America: The World of Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes and follow his recommendations. My favorite discovery form that was Oh Death, done by Dock Boggs
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I like the soundtrack from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou".
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