AMP + WordPress on Windows XP?
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Heh. I am in the strange position of being far more capable of managing Unix/Linux/OS X than I am Windows XP, and, for development purposes, I'd like to install WordPress on my Windows box.

I don't want to use an all-in-one type WAMP package because I'd like to be able to independently configure and upgrade individual components, so EasyPHP, WAMPP+, etc, are out. I've tried to follow the somewhat outdated instructions located on the page Server Project: WP on XP, but I've run into a couple of snags. I've managed to get Apache and PHP mostly working (Apachemon starts twice when I reboot, but I will figure that out later) but I am stuck on MySQL.

So, my question.

1) Are there better instructions for running WP on XP than the ones I linked?

2) If not, does anyone have a recommendation for the most succinct/clearest instructions for getting MySQL and PHPMyAdmin running on XP? The ones I linked call for me to run executables that I don't seem to have in my download of MySQL 4.1, and the included documention is weak and convoluted at best.

Pretend that I am a bright but small child when answering.

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1. I'm sorry, I don't know the first thing about WordPress.

2. MySQL is almost completely identical across platforms, so your UNIX experience more or less applies here. As usual, once it is installed -- in the case of Windows this should consist pretty much of unzipping the binary distribution -- you need only pick a my.cnf file, run the daemon and it's up. (I believe the daemon is called safe_mysqld.exe on Windows, but I don't have Windows in front of me for a reference). Likewise, unless it's changed since I last looked at it, PHPMyAdmin doesn't know a durned thing about Windows; just configure it to connect to localhost and you're up and running.

Maybe you could be a bit more specific about how you are "stuck on MySQL?" That might help shake out some more useful advice than my admittedly weak "durr, just install it and run it."
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Response by poster: I'm not a DB admin.. I was always a sysadmin, so I just installed software for people and optimized the server to run it nicely. It was up to them to make users and databases and such.

So, here's where I am.

1. MySQL is installed and running.

2. PHPMyAdmin is installed and runs.

PHPMyAdmin says " MySQL said: Documentation
#1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)"

Which makes sense, because every time I try to run the Windows db config utility for MySQL, it says the same thing, even though I set a freaking password during the install and have input that exact same password into every config file as required.
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Response by poster: After hours of googling, I found an answer.

I installed MySQL Administrator (free from the MySQL site) and changed the root password to a blank one. Changed the ini file to use old style password hashing. Readded the original root password. Restarted all services. Done.

Now I have WP on WinXP. Whee.
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Thanks, xyzzy. I had this same problem several months ago and never got it resolved. I got a Mac Mini instead.
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