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Help me find new bands to jam out to in my boxers

So I love most music and am willing to try just about any genre. The only thing I don't listen to is most mainstream rap or country; but artists like Flow Nice Foundation, The Crest, and whatever country is playing on the radio is ok with me. I need to find new ways to discover new music and bands, so I'm turning to the Hive mind to help me out.

I currently belong to Pandora, Last.FM, and occasionally Sirius. Literally anything will do, but my current favorites include Gaslight Anthem (anyone seem them live btw, how are they?), Joshua Radin, Alex Grant, Brian Crain, Flow Nice Foundation, Cake, Disturbed, Jack Johnson, The Five Percent, Flogging Molly, etc.

I turn to you, metafilter, to help me expand my music circle.
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Matt & Kim - Daylight is way old by now, but it always gets me up dancing.
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If you have Spotify, I can just link you to my current "singles" playlist and you can just see if you like any of it. f you don't have Spotify, I might have an invite or two available.
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I went to a movie Sunday or Monday night, and it was fun, but just as much fun was the woman singing over the credits as they rolled by after the movie. I was unable to find out who it was through Google or whatever so I burned my weekly question, asking who sang that song, got an answer within like ten minutes.

Her name is Izia, she's French but sings in English (thinks it suits her voice better), she's got a smokin' hot band, she's 18 years old but from French music royalty, her father a big player on the music scene in France.

Anyways, go to the links gubo put on my question, then hit her home site, plus lots of youtube vids out there; might not be for you but it might.
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Yep... spotify....I'll link you to my "excellent stuff" playlist...
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Here's the Spotify playlist I mentioned in my last comment if anyone wants to look at it.
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Here's a link to another spotify playlist.. (warning, old stuff, but well selected!)
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So far tomswift's playlist is pretty good. I'm enjoying it.
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I suggest you destroy all your music and listen to nothing but King Tuff from now on.
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And, really, the request was for "jam out in my boxers" music. Silly sloppy garage rock fits that bill nicely.
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disclaimer, these are my friends, but it's definitely 'jam around in living room' kind of music.

we've got you surrounded (youtube)
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Best answer: Hype Machine streams, and is pretty much only about new bands.

I have found a lot of new bands there in the last year and Pandora before that. not so much but their streaming radio is decent, though not as great as Pandora's. Pandora is surprisingly still the best in a lot of ways.
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The hold steady
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We Are Hunted is a music aggregation site that streams:

Seems to be pretty indie focused.
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