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As a video editor, how can I best capitalize on a film's theatrical release?

A feature documentary I edited is opening in a small number of theaters in a few weeks. What could I do to use this opportunity as a "calling card" and promote myself in an effective way?
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A lot of my film industry friends use Facebook for this sort of purpose. Other people do email blasts to work contacts that might need firming up - this might be better if your goal is networking-related rather than getting people to go see the movie or flaunting "hey, I was involved with this!"

That said, as an editor, projects eventually seeing the light of day is par for the course, no? Personally I'd fear coming off as too wide-eyed and over eager. "Hey! I did a thing and now you can go see it!" is sort of a newbish thing to brag about to professional contacts within the film industry. Unless this is WAY more impressive than anything else you've done before.

Oh, and this sort of thing seems to be the entire purpose of Twitter, if you do that.
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Link to it in your email signature. Update your IMDB. Send invitations to everyone you know. Like it on FB. Tweet it. Link to it on Linkedin. Do you belong to any groups, like Doculink or LA Producers on Yahoo, or Google groups?
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