OSX: Run script on UPS shutdown?
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Can I run a script when my mac shuts down due to instructions from a UPS?

I'm planning UPS setup for my home. I would like to connnect a mac mini (running Lion), and a netgear ReadyNAS NV+, and I need them both to shutdown gracefully when the power goes out. I believe I can shut the ReadyNAS down by invoking a particular curl command. What I don't know is whether I can get OSX to run this command on a shutdown instruction from the EnergySaver UPS panel.

So, how can I run a shell script on this particular kind of shutdown (Applescript could work too). I don't really want this to happen every time I shut the mac down... only when this was invoked by the UPS.

Alternatively, is there a better way to achieve this aim?
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Assuming the UPS software hooks into the standard OS X UPS management, you should be able to replace / modify the /usr/libexec/upsshutdown script.
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Thank you!
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