Anyone have any recommendations on a good Volvo mechanic in Seattle?
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Anyone have any recommendations on a good Volvo mechanic in Seattle? Bonus points for West Seattle...

I just acquired my first Volvo - a 1983 244 DL - I've been more of an old Mercedes guy in the past, so these swede machines are new to me...

I'd like to get the car fully inspected and get a rundown on condition - as my ultimate goal is to make this a longish-distance commuter car.

Any recommendations? I know the Car Talk forums and other places have recommendations - was hoping my fellow Mefites might know of a real gem to recommend...
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Best answer: I know nothing of Seattle, but I found my Bay Area mechanic on Car Talk's website. Going there, I found Swedish Automotive which has great reviews, and looks to be in or around West Seattle.
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Best answer: I've been quite happy with All Vovo [sic] / Mikkelsen, but it's way across town from you in Ballard / Crown Hill. (They used to be called “All Volvo” but apparently that made the trademark holders unhappy.)
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I have nothing specific to add for your area (although if you were in Vancouver BC, it would be a different matter!), but to say that taking a Volvo to a Volvo-specific mechanic is the best way to go; they will be able to work with your car in ways that other mechanics wouldn't even dream, and also have more options to get spare parts to replace what needs replacing to keep your car on the road for longer. Volvos can be funny machines (and sometimes have weird electrical quirks), so having someone that appreciates their oddities is key to keeping your Volvo happy.
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks gang! I'm gonna give Swedish Auto a try tomorrow!
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