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Is it true that you can kill a dog by getting hold of it's front paws and pulling them apart?

Recently I heard the urban legend that you can kill a dog by grabbing it's front paws and pulling them away from each other at 90 degrees to the side of the dog i.e. forcing the dog to do the splits with it's front legs. The idea is that this somehow causes the rib cage to split.
I first heard this story about 20 years ago and am wondering if there is any truth in it and where it comes from. Anybody got any idea?
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Previously discussed here.
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Best answer: More here
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I have always heard that it works, but it's not easy to grab it's legs when the dog is trying to attack you head first. My grandfather bred dogs and he advocated ramming your fist down the dogs throat as the easiest way to stop an attack. Obviously not without it's own drawbacks, but easier than grabbing the legs.
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Fist in throat is what I was taught.
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It's how I was taught to disable a guard dog, so I hope so. From my understanding the purpose was to cause the dog to have a heart attack. If I have any old Field Manuals at home I shall check later on for you.

on preview - fist in throat seems to be the most popular answer from this and the previous thread.
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Sounds like a feat of strength that would be difficult in a real life situation.

Hmmm, I read people in that other thread saying that you should never make eye contact.

I've been told by a vet that you should never EVER break eye contact. This has saved my skin on three occasions. The dog made a lot of threatening noises, but I never looked away.

In each case the dog would not attack straight on. Keep your body facing towards the dog, as they try and get behind you in order to attack. Despite being bailed up, the dog just wouldn't actually break through the last short distance to get within my range.
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Are you going to stick with that plan even as the dog is carving you up with claws and teeth? Here's what you do: When the dog first shows any threatening behavior toward you, face him squarely and with fire in your eyes suddenly raise your arms up so that your elbows are out perpendicular and your right and left fingertips nearly meet in front of your mouth. You are scarier than him. He will back down. Unless he is an attack dog, in which case he doesn't care how tough you are, so you better get away to a protected posiion fast.
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Hmmm, I read people in that other thread saying that you should never make eye contact.

I've been told by a vet that you should never EVER break eye contact.

I think the obvious reason for the differing views there is that there is always the risk that the dog will call your bluff. However, not being rational animals, they are far less likely to than a person attacking you. Still, by maintaining eye contact, you're saying you're as tough as the dog, and not afraid of it. If the dog can sense that this isn't really the case, it won't make a difference. If you really aren't afraid, it will probably work.

And this is a classic difference of opinion in almost all situations that involve danger: whether fear holds us back & the aim must be the warrior spirit, unafraid of anything, (including death), or that fear is a source of information which is useful and should be acknowledged and heeded... (the truth as usual is most likely somewhere in between, & you have to use your judgment in individual situations).
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  1. Purchase H&K USP 9mm.
  2. Inhabit a state in which concealed carry is legal.
  3. Get your concealed carry permit.
  4. Carry your USP.
  5. Train well in close-range point shooting.
  6. Shoot any creature that's attacking you in such a way that it might kill you, including dogs.

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Damn straight.
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Response by poster: No vets available to comment? The jury is still out then.

Thanks for your contributions so far.
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