Parade costume building.
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I want to build a long giant centipede costume for a parade, but am having trouble finding 'how-to' links. I've found lots of parade pictures & sites, but few costume/float building resources. I've gone back & forth between building it segment by segment, to building one long strip that can collapse for storage. I think I've settled on the one long piece. Know of any cheap sources for flexible tent poles sans the tent? Ideas? Links?
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how 'bout using hula-hoops as the "ribs" of the centipede?
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How about a few of these? They come in all sizes and without the annoying door at the end.
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Response by poster: Oooooo that's a good idea! waiting for responses on my message post to the local freecycle contingent... Craig's List didn't turn up anything, darn it. Thanks for the idea!
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On a camping trip once, I forgot the tent poles. Went to a hardware store & picked up a number of lengths of PVC pipe -- on the small size in terms of diameter. You can also pick up connector bits to make longer lengths by combining poles. (Didn't work so well as tent poles actually...)

These folks have loads of floatmaking experience.
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The local Kung Fu School does a lot of traditional Lion Dances for parades, celebrations, and particularly for the New Year. I don't know if their supplier can get you what you're looking for, but they might have some ideas on how to build your own.
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Along the lines of what thanatopsis suggested, go to your local Chinatown and ask around. They probably have lions and dragons in their annual New Year's celebration, and someone builds them.
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