After Effects: Editing an effect without changing the parent layer
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Adobe After Effects question: I have a video clip I've imported into AE that I've applied an advanced lightning effect to - the thing is I want to cut the effect out before the clip ends. The clip is 5 seconds and I want to cut the lightning out at 3 seconds.

The effect has been applied to the video clip since there's an option to composite it on the original video. However, I can't edit the lightning effect's opacity because there's no opacity toggle for it.

Is there a way to toggle opacity or visibility on an effect applied to a layer or is there a way to create a separate transparent layer that I can put the lightning effect on? If I use a solid as a layer then it covers up the video clip.

I'm using AE CS 5.5.
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I think the "adjustment layer" is made for this sort of thing.

Failing that, maybe use a black solid with "add" or "lighten" as a blending mode.
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If you can't find a way to do this, a workaround would just be to duplicate the layer, remove the effect, and cut or fade between the two.
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Best answer: Simply create an Adjustment layer, put the effect on that, and keyframe the opacity of that layer - and learn about "hold" keyframes. If you were to go the black solid layer with effect route, the blending mode you'd want to use would be Screen.
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