Who is the great singer over credits in 2010 movie "Point Blank?"
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The 2010 French movie "Point Blank" -- who is singing over the credits at the end of the movie? She is great, the band is great, it's a hot song, but I saw no mention of the song/band/singer as the credits rolled, and I cannot find reference to this anywhere online, aside from other people wondering who is singing also.

Saw the movie "Point Blank" last night, bang-bang stab-stab shoot-em-up, run fast, run hard, who's the bad guys? who's the good guys? etc and etc. It was fun. Cute. See it if you want to take a fast adrenaline ride and are willing to suspend disbelief and don't mind subtitles; last night I was a perfect fit for all of that.

I'm don't bolt when movies finish, I sit through the credits, and I'm glad I did last night, as the song that played over the credits was really, really good, loud, great trashy feel to it, the sort of band you'd love to see in a sleaze-bag dive. I kept waiting for the song to show in the credits but it didn't; I've been pretty much everywhere I know to look online and the only reference I see is others asking the same question. (See the comments in this YT; see this thread opened but not (yet, I hope) answered on the IMDB discussion boards.)

I'd sure love to listen to the song again and more from her and/or that band.

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Best answer: It's Izia, the song's title is "Back in Town."
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Response by poster: Twelve minutes. Thank you so much, guba.

I *love* that she's not just a studio creature, that she really has the jam; cool.

Man, can she belt!

And here, a couple of fun things from the wikipedea link that gubo gave us: "She left school at the age of 15 in order to concentrate on a career in music." and "At this time(13), she wrote her first song, titled "Hey Bitch", which later featured on her debut album." I mean, you've got to love this woman, or I do anyways.

And the band also not a studio creation, looks like the real thing. Very cool.
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If you like that song, you might like this one by Green Day, or this one by Chicago.
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