Identify this Libertarian SF novel?
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Looking for a science fiction novel written by a Libertarian elected to (I think) the Montana legislature.

I read this book a long while ago. I understand the first Libertarian Party state legislator was elected in Alaska in 1978. I don't remember whether this SF writer/politician ran on as a formal member of the Libertarian Party or not. Anyway, the book describes a future society that is more or less feudal. People carry weapons all the time and local chieftains (can't remember what they were called in the book) wield the power. I think probably published in the 70s.
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The Libertarian from Alaska you might be thinking of is Andre Marrou, but he served in the 80's and never wrote any sci fi AFAIK. The Libertarian sci fi authpr is possibly L. Neil Smith.
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Another libertarian SF author is S.M. Stirling. I don't know if he identifies himself as Libertarian, but I would characterize the book I read that way.
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Response by poster: Not those writers. I may have confused the issue by mentioning Alaska. I meant to indicate that the book I read might have been published before 1978 even though the cover blurb identified the writer as a Libertarian member of the Montana state legislature. (But it might have been a small "l".) In the book social organization was based on families or clans living in compounds. There had been some kind of war or technological collapse. People used firearms though and there was something about a power source for vehicles but I can't recall if that was standard equipment or something that was sought after.
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