Sasso olive oil
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Where can I order Sasso olive oil in the US?

I am trying to get Sasso olive oil in the US and have had no luck. This is an oil from Italy (i think).

I am based in WA but am fine ordering it online

Thank you for all responses
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Guiliano's definitely, or ask at Zingerman's.
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I found this.
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As a (small) maker of cold-pressed olive oil here in Tuscany, I just wanted to chime in briefly. As you seem to have a specific purpose in ordering yours, you might want to read this before doing so.

It is not difficult to produce excellent oil, but it is costly, and the differences between real and industrial olive oil are staggering. Instead of buying a notoriously industrial oil (Sasso is owned and run by conglomerate Nestlé) that owes any aura of quality to a history of fabricated marketing, I'd suggest you look into extra-virgin olive oil produced in your area - I take it Oregon and California producers have made great headway. Any real, locally-produced olive oil will be infinitely better in all its essential qualitites than the anonymous tin of Sasso shipped halfway around the globe.

(Interestingly enough, there is a similar phenomenon of brand loyalty here in Italy to Olio Carli. Tragically, it's actually the worst offender against traditionally produced oil: its owner was the very minister of agriculture in the '50s who introduced the laws that have allowed decades of the industrial oil scam. And yet there are countless grandmothers who will buy nothing else, still believing their ads from way back when.)
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P.S: "Made in California".
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(Oh, and, errata corrige: Sasso, along with Dante, Bertolli and Carapelli, was bought in 2004 by Spanish oil cartel Grupo SOS Cuétara. Their oil is currently labelled as produced from EEC-area olives, so there's likely nothing Italian to it anymore at all.)
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