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Can anyone identify this 25-year-old book? It's a book on study skills (reading, note-taking, time management, etc.) for college students, published before 1985. There's one particular line. In the section on time management, the authors note (paraphrasing): This may seem like overkill now, but if you become (say) a lawyer, you'll need to manage your time far more intensively. Does anyone remember reading this?

I read this book back in high school, and found it very useful in preparing for university. I don't know if it's actually better than any other study skills book, but I'd like to find it again.
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"Whether you're a book author typing as fast as he can to meet the publisher's deadline, or a student juggling five classes and a part-time job, a simple, easy-to-follow time management system is crucial to your success."

Is it How to Study by Ron Fry?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion, Locochona. I'll check it out, but I suspect it was first published later than 1985.
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For what it's worth, Fry's book was the one I thought of. My university's library has what appears to be the first edition of How to Study (at least, the catalog entry doesn't indicate that it's a later edition) and it's from 1989.
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Response by poster: I think I've found it (by looking through the books at the local university library): Hawes Guide to Successful Study Skills (1981), by Gene R. Hawes and Lynne Salop Hawes.

Another interesting book in the same section was a brief book from 1937 (!): Arthur Kornhauser, How to Study.
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