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Good Vancouver BC restaurants? I know the thread has been done before, but it was almost a year and a half ago, so does anyone have any new suggestions? We'll be there in mid-October, if that matters.

We're open to just about anything and will be staying in the downtown area, although we haven't actually reserved a place yet.
Great Asian and seafood recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We're from Chicago, so we'd love to take advantage of those west-costal specialties.

Thanks, All!
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Just went to Vij's with my wife, and it was brilliant as usual.
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I second Vij's and also The Keg on Granville Island. If you want a stunning view with good west coast fish you might want to try Salmon House on the Hill.
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Actress Jewel Staite, who is both a foodie and a Vancouver native, recently shared her top 10 Vancouver restaurants on her blog. Just reading the list is making my mouth water!
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Vij's is really good. Phnom Penh for Vietnamese in Chinatown is the #1 rated restaurant on Urban Spoon--with good reason. Nuba (on Hastings) has really good Middle Eastern. Twisted Fork Bistro has delicious French food for brunch and dinner, if you don't want to spend much money; Chambar is great, if you want to spend a bit more. All of these are in and around downtown.
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Chill Winston in Gastown is pretty cool. Tavola is a nice place to go on a date.

For Asian food, there is a great (and cheap) Korean BBQ place next to Fogg N Sudds. In fact the whole lower end of Robson above Denman has some great Japanese and Korean restaurants.

For izakayas, I'm not such a big fan of Guu. The food is cheap, and it tastes cheap. Kingyo on Denman would be my first choice.
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Vij's and Japadog are my musts in Vancouver. On Granville Island, The Sandbar has the best seafood, and the best views from their rooftop deck (fireplace and blankets [provided by the restaurant] a bonus on a chilly evening).
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for cheapness:
just visited vancouver for the first time last week and went to Stepho's Souvlaki on Davie street. People were lining up out the door every night but everyone got in super fast, service was great and the food was wonderful. We were also recommended Samurai Sushi which is a few doors down on the same street, and were incredibly pleased to get mass quantities of low-priced and delicious sushi and beer.
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We were just in vancouver this summer and really loved Rain City Grill.
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To expand on what I just wrote about Rain City Grill - the "spoon" appetizer mix was cool, my husband really liked the shrimp and bacon linguini and I liked the pepper and ricotta linguini. Also definitely try a BC wine, we were very impressed. And ask for a seat outside or by the window. The view of English Bay is gorgeous, we went for a lovely walk afterwards.
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Good god not Stepho's, whatever your do.

A bit off the beaten track but for amazing French food at fair prices in a great room with a really neat atmosphere head to Les Faux Bourgouis. Just be sure to make a reservation, it's usually full.
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The Alibi Room (best beer selection)
Rodney's Oyster Bar (serves what it says)
Meat and Bread (great sandwiches for lunch, inexpensive)
Blue Water Cafe ($$$ seafood, west coast cuisine)
Salsa and Agave (mexican, Vancouver isn't known for Mexican, but this place is great)
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i moved to Vancouver earlier this year and i feel like i've been on a restaurant tour since arriving. Vancouver has great food.

Malaysian food - Banana Leaf
(i recommend the one on Denman, only because it's smaller/a little more intimate. it's also closer to English Bay, which is nice to walk around after dinner.)

Sandwiches - seconding Meat and Bread in Gastown.

BBQ - try Peckinpah, also in Gastown. delicious.

Sushi - Toshi at Main and 16th. saying it's the best sushi in Vancouver would be inviting a fight, but i've never been disappointed. there's usually a line to get in, so you might want to take that into account.

Brazilian - Brasil Stone Grill. i just tried this place last week - it was fantastic. they're under new management, and the new owners are pretty excited about serving great food.

Diner - Save On Meats. my favourite diner. Save On has a history - read more here.

i am probably forgetting at least 5 more of my top choices, but i will tell you about my absolute favourite. if you're up for dinner in a cozy, laidback Italian place, check out Caffe Rustico. it's on Main St, so if you happen out that way, drop by. the owner, Mario, is the nicest person i've met in Vancouver. he is so warm and friendly that plenty of people stop by throughout the day just to say hi. he's awesome, and he'll make you things that aren't on the menu if you want something different. he cooks like Italian grandmothers cook, and he'll sing while he's doing it.

have a great time in Vancouver! this city is amazing.
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I've heard the same rave reviews for Vij's but have never bothered to try it due to the appalling wait. They don't take reservations, so if time is precious, you might find it similarly frustrating.

You might try going to The Sandbar on Granville Island - on Fridays between 3 and 6 they do an inexpensive mussels, fries, and a beer special. Their food is generally quite good (though a tad pricey), but it's also in a really nice location under the bridge and you get to check out Granville Island, which even after living here for so long is still a favourite place.

The Boathouse on Kits beach is pretty good. Extremely pretty, but was super noisy last time I was there.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Bishop's, though it's quite expensive and a bit out of your way.

Or try grabbing some takeout burgers from Vera's Burger Shack in Kitsilano and walking over to Kits beach or Vanier park.

(Sorry for no links - am on iPod, is sloooww.)
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Glowbal is very fashionable right now and the food is tasty.
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I went to Chambar for the first time recently and nearly fell off my chair, the food was so good. Serious food orgasms.
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a sad follow up: Brasil Stone Grill is gone now. sigh.
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