Help me illustrate Descartes' visions
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Need help illustrating Descartes' three visions! What would the college he dreamt about look like? How would a stove in his room (Germany, 1619) look like? How do you write LATIN POETS in Latin?

The illustrations will be small and icon-like, so no need to delve into details, rough directions are enough. Thanks!
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Poetae Latini.
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The stove would likely have been a masonry stove of some description.

This is the the "Jesuit college of La Fl├Ęche in Anjou" he went to as a boy. I'd guess he would have dreamed of something similar.
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this is where he melts the wax, in the "Meditations"? It's been a long time since school.....
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Visions of Descartes

Wow, I had forgotten about this! The craziest thing I could remember from Descartes was a passage where he speculates that crowds in the street may be made of mechanical automatons, dressed in coats and hats, not humans. The man had a powerful imagination.
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