Forwarding calls to the US
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What's the cheapest/easiest way to forward telephone calls from a Canadian number to a US number?

I recently moved to the US from Canada. I still have my Canadian number (Rogers), in addition to a new US number (AT&T). I want my family and friends to continue to be able to reach me at my Canadian number, so that they don't have to pay long distance fees or worry about international text message costs, but I'm using my American number when I'm here - so I'd like to setup forwarding, where I can pay for the long distance costs. Are there any services that do something like this? I found various services like RingCentral that seem to be focused on small-business toll-free numbers, but they're not quite what I want. I'm afraid what I want isn't common enough to be offered by anyone :(
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Think about using a Canadian VoIP number that you can connect to from all over the world. Canadians can call this number and your phone rings wherever you are, without any costly forwarding. You'll need a VoIP phone or connector, naturally.

Whether this is available in Canada, I do not know, but it is in other countries.
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My parents have a Vonage phone in the U.S., with a Canadian phone number in close proximity to most of their friends, that automatically forwards -- I would assume that, since numbers are transferrable, you could transfer your Canadian number to Vonage, as long as it's in a supported area.
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If you call my Skype number (the int'l rates are very reasonable) and we don't pick up on Skype, it rings the British cell phone my wife carries.

(protip: if you call my Google Voice number (US), it relays via Skype and does the same).
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I do the reverse of this (US to Canada) with I pay $1.50 a month and about 1 cent per minute, and it forwards my calls from a US number to my new number in Canada. I was even able to transfer my old US cell number to to be the forwarding number.
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Just checked and it can forward FROM Canadian numbers too.
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Callcentric ( allows this. You could sign up, transfer your Canadian cell number to it, and have it forward calls.

I use them as my primary VoIP line, and have for years; they're excellent. I've had both US and Canadian DIDs pointed at it with no problem whatsoever.
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Thanks, I ended up checking out Callcentric, and it seems to work pretty well, after a few minor setup issues (offers DID numbers in my hometown, even!). I think the key was that I wanted to search for "voip providers" rather than "phone forwarding" - I didn't really realize that "VoIP" just generally implies bunch of features like forwarding (because it's easy to do).
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