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I have a dream! And it involves portals.

I'm looking for software that will allow me to build something that's almost like a personal-portal, in the same vein as Backpackit, but that I can install on my own server. Ideally I'd like to be able to post via email and I definitely want to get various rss feeds out of it. It'd also be great if there was some sort of tagging system.

Does this mystical portal software exist?
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One option (this is what I do) is to get a good server-side RSS reader (I use AmphetaDesk, but I'm not wild about it) and just use various tools (or write your own) to convert all your info to RSS. For instance, I have feeds for email, various websites, shipping status, etc.

If you've got Gmail, you can use this.

If you google about you'll find plenty of screen scrapers.
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I'm running Postnuke at my site. Well-supported, lots of developers creating cool stuff for it, and you can't beat the price.
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I was thinking of doing the same thing. My thought was to run a wiki on it (MediaWiki), Squirrelmail, PHPiCalendar, as well as have some RSS feeds and whatnot. Just a place for me and my girlfriend to communicate when we're not in the same room. Oh yeah and maybe an install of de.lirio.us or some other "del.icio.us"-like tool just for us.
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