Bike-friendly lawyer in Chicago needed
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Please recommend bike-friendly lawyer in Chicago?

Our daughter was rear-ended on her bike yesterday a.m. in Chicago. Driver of SUV took off, leaving her bike destroyed and her bruised but ambulatory.
(Today her back and neck are very sore.) License plate numbers taken, multiple witnesses. Police report filed. "We'll get back to you in two weeks."

Do you know an attorney in Chicago to whom she might turn? She is twenty-five and extremely capable/self-sufficient, was a legal secretary herself just out of college. We are in CA. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: This is not a referral, but if I were you I'd give this guy a buzz, I read his blog and he seems like he's all about the bike cases. I don't know him and I've never worked with him.
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Best answer: Likewise, I read this guy's blog, and he seems fairly conversant. I have no professional or personal experience with him, so I wouldn't really call this a recommendation. There's no reason your daughter can't contact both and make her decision after talking with them.
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Best answer: Bob Mionske - I'm not sure what jurisdictions he practices in, though.
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Best answer: Lane and Lane
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Best answer: Contact the Active Transportation Alliance (formerly Chicagoland Bike Federation) for their advice, which would certainly include legal, counseling and support group resources.
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Best answer: Active Transportation Alliance maintains a bicycle crash support hotline that can help with legal questions: 312-869-HELP (4357).

They also have a support group, should she need to vent.

I don't have any experience with him, but Willilam Lazarus is active with bike issues.
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Best answer: Some friends of mine who work with the Chicago Crash Hotline recommended Lawyer Jim. And IL Bicycle Law is also supposed to be good.

Good luck! I hope she's ok! Post an update if you can!
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Response by poster: Thank you for every response. Our daughter went to the ER yesterday nothing serious. For any of you who are a parent and those that may be Ask Metafilter provides the ability to help when your far away and don't know what to do. Thank you.
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