I need more tambourine in my life.
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I love music featuring almost any combination of the following instruments: bongos, brass, ukulele, tambourine. Do you have any recommendations for similar songs/music?

Examples: Kocani Orkestar's "Siki Siki Baba", Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk", and Beirut's "Postcards From Italy."

These songs embody a particular feel I like: they make me want to buy bongos or start playing my ukulele again, just because the artists sound like they're having so much fun. I'm not picky about what language the music is in, though English is a plus. On a side note (heh), I like banjos as well.

Mefites, do you have any recommendations for similar music?
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How about some Incredible Bongo Band? (Obligatory.)
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The most fun sounding album I've been listening to of late, with (tenor) banjo:Two Man Gentlemen Band: Live in New York.
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Have you tried any Bela Fleck? Crazy good banjo.
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I enjoy Mumford & Sons, from your taste I bet you would too.
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Ukelele and brass, with "Tusk-like" marching-band percussion.


Only Uke in this one, but just so beautiful: Powa
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I was about to recommend Beirut, especially their most recent album, but I see you're set on that front.

Have you heard The Acorn? How about Broken Social Scene, Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens? All of those bands frequently use a broad variety of instruments in their music, and I think the 'feeling' you're describing is similar.

Tracks: start with "Chicago" by Sufjan, "The Privateers" by Andrew Bird, anything by Broken Social Scene (it's all good!). Should all be on youtube.
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Oh, and there's some really good tracks from this Thao and Mirah album. Try "Rubies and Rocks", "Eleven", and the alternate version of "Sugar and Plastic".

Also have you seen the live recordings of The Flying Club Cup with Beirut? Produced by La Blogotheque and take-away shows. They're all so much fun, especially In the Mausoleum. Also on youtube.

Oh, and what about the Dodos? Start with a track called "Winter" perhaps?
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Calypso! Basically anything made in that genre between 1950 and 1965. Plenty of all of these instuments and incredible simple sweet tunes as well. Maybe start with Lord Invader, or a Trojan Records compilation?
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The Herbaliser - Battle of Bongo Hill - All through the song, but bongo awesomeness kicks in at 3:15

Beastie Boys - Off the Grid - Beautifully subtle bongos for the first half of the song
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