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Restaurant recommendations in Washington D.C. for my goodbye lunch at work. Dupont Circle area best. Difficulty: I'm being laid off.

My boss asked me to give her a list of restaurants I'd like to go to. I live in Baltimore so even though I work in D.C. I don't know the restaurant scene very well, beyond the usual takeout lunch spots. Since my soon to be former employer is paying for the entire group (maybe 8-10 people), the restaurant needs to be reasonably priced and have an appropriately sized place to sit.

I suppose this question might be easier to answer if you know what kinds of restaurants I like. I'm open to most types of cuisine, though I'm not a big fan of seafood. I particularly like Italian and Afghan food. I'd also prefer someplace where I can hear myself think let alone talk to the person across the table. And because it's a workday lunch, alcohol isn't an option.

I get along well with the relevant coworkers (I drafted the invite list). However, I'm not close to most of them. I tend to keep work and personal life separate, and the long commute has been a barrier to grabbing beers after work.

Sorry if this question rambles a bit. I keep thinking of other bits of information which might help. The whole thing is awkward and depressing, since I'm the only person being laid off (out of a team of four in an organization of hundreds). The right restaurant isn't going to make this less awkward, but hopefully I can get a good meal.
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Kellari Taverna might suit. Nice, but not stuffy, and the food is good.
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I've only been there for events, so I don't have direct experience with their dining room at lunch, but Darlington House would seem to fit the bill. I'm less confident about the group size question, but both Skewers and Cafe Luna have nice food.

Sorry you're getting laid off. Good luck find a job soon, hopefully with a better commute -- the Baltimore to DC run is wearing.
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I've done a few work lunches at Heritage India. The lunch buffet cost is reasonable, and they have a few larger tables to accommodate groups.
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All very good answers, but I think EvaDestruction hit the nail on the head with Skewers. Not that I couldn't be persuaded by other great recommendations.... :)
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We ended up at Skewers this past Wednesday, and the food was excellent.
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