The Facts Of Life
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Was this really the plot line of a "Facts Of Life" episode, or am I misremembering?

One of the girls (the bad girl, Jo?) sneaks off to see a show by the Stray Cats. She makes a big deal about how cool they are because the lead singer has green hair.

Since I don't recall Brian Setzer ever having green hair, I'm wondering if I am mixing up some details.

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I guess I should have finished searching before I posted.
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After some Wikipedia'ing, it looks like the Stray Cats' US debut album didn't come out until June '82, and that episode was recorded in Dec '81. They had a couple of albums out in the UK in '81, but I'm gonna guess the Facts of Life writers had no idea they existed, and they just made up a band called "The Stray Cats," which, really, isn't all that unique for a band name.
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Remember this was pre internet, pre everything. If you heard of a new band, and wanted to know what color hair they had... how would you even check?
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Well, I'm sure you'd hear about it through teen mags, fanzines, or just word of mouth.
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