Help me get my hair to look like this
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What kind of product will help me get the look of this hairstyle?

I already have the haircut (back view, another from the front.) My stylist recommends Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, which is too expensive to reconcile buying (right now I can't justify $24 for a tiny bottle of anything that isn't an absolute miracle product), plus it's hard to control and doesn't make my hair look like this. Can you recommend something else? Bonus points if it will not make me smell like vanilla, patchouli, or any variety of Jolly Rancher.

Other relevant details: my hair is very short, very fine, and very straight.
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Molding mud. When I had that cut I used Sebastian's, but I can't remember what it smelled like, so you may want to shop around a bit.
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i used bed head manipulator. the smell is a little strange a first, maybe a little coconutty if i remember correctly. but it does the job.
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Oh! I know this one! My hair's length and texture is exactly like yours and I wear mine in a style similar to the picture. After washing my hair I use a bit of gel and Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (you can make your own - it's basically salt and water) and dry my hair bending over to maximize volume. The finishing touch - and the real secret, is Sebastian Craft Clay (formerly known as Crude Clay). Use a small amount of the Craft Clay and finish the style. The Craft Clay will last you forever since you're only using small amounts.
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You need a texture paste/wax. I really like the Garnier Fructis styling products because they 1) generally do what they're supposed to do, 2) smell neutral/nice, and 3) are cheaply available everywhere.

Just go to Target or wherever and look through their product line. You'll want one of the products that comes in a little tub: fiber gum putty, surf hair, or the pure clean paste are the specific kinds you should check out.

To use, rub a fingertip-scoop amount between your palms, then work it through your hair starting at the back of the head first. (Otherwise you'll load the front down and it'll look greasy.) Then you can pull out the front pieces once the product is all worked through.

I love that hairstyle, by the way. Yay!
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My current favorite is the Fructis Play Style, a little green tub with a red cap. Of course, now that I've found it and love it, none of my local stores carry it anymore.

Fructis also makes "Surf Hair" which works pretty well. And they're both under five bucks, so it's easy to try them out.

Anything that's a wax, putty, or fiber might work. Just be sure to smell it before you buy it -- I have a couple of jars in the corner of a drawer that work well for hold, but I can't stand smelling them all day long.

I've also had good texture results from (a) not washing my hair every day, and (b) not using conditioner. I wash with castile soap twice a week or so, and just rinse the previous day's product out of my hair with some water in the shower on the in-between days. The castile soap gets my hair clean, and not using conditioner keeps my hair from becoming limp and lifeless.
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I was always a big fan of the Garnier Fructis Surf Hair. Cheap, works well, and smells great!
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Another vote for Surf Hair.
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American Crew Hair Fiber. Supposedly for dudes; best natural looking hold for fine hair I've ever used.
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I have fine, short hair, too. I can get the Ginnifer Goodwin look much more easily when it's a little bit oily and dirty -- so don't wash your hair too much!

I use Bumble and bumble's Styling Creme. It's not too gloppy and it smells nice. Plus it lasts a really long time.
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CHI Pliable Polish works great, smells good and you use so little that the tube will last you a long time.
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