CRC/Repair errors
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I download a number of 'things' via newsgroups. Lately, I've been having trouble reparing and extracting them.

Everything is posted in RAR form (parts) with PAR/PAR2 files for repairing. Lately, reparing a fileset has started to fail on me, regularly. If and when I get it to successfully repair, I can't extract it. WinRAR gives CRC errors. I've pretty much tried every RAR extractor I could find. Is this a local problem (like, hard drive sucks, version of WinRAR too new, etc)?
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Who's your provider? RR's newsgroup service notoriously sucks, even at 800KB/s.
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Newsdemon. I'm getting all/most of the parts, but the extraction phase is screwing up for some reason.
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The files are fully repaired and are showing up corrupted after that?

I'd suggest that perhaps the problem is on your end. Check hard drive, memory, and power supply. But that's just me...
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I've had problems like you describe in the past when using the most recent version of WinRAR. I'm currently using 3.40 and I've had no problems.

If you're having problems with both extracting and repairing though it may be a larger problem. Like shepd said, check your hardware.
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If the files start with .001 and go on from there... make sure they are really rar files and not HJsplit files.
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I had some bad ram that would work fine for everything EXCEPT extracting large archives.
then i would have like a 50% chance of failure.
It seemed to help to make sure that nothing was running atall in the background and that the screen saver/pwer management stuff was all set to never.
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