What is the best way to poke a hole in a leather watch strap?
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I have several watches that I wear that all have leather watch straps. With a couple of the watches, my ideal placement for the hole in the strap is actually in between two current holes. What is the best method to create a hole big enough to use? I have tried a sharp turkey skewer to poke a hole in it, and while it pierced the leather, it didn't leave a hole large enough to easily go through every time. I have thought about a leather punch (which i guess is used for belts?) but that would be way too large. Suggestions?
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Is there a cobbler in your town? They're usually able to handle jobs like this.
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A lot of leather punches have a revolving head that allows you to select holes of different sizes.

Or any jeweller ought to be able to do it for you, maybe even for free.
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There are dozens of ways. I've used an X-acto knife to cut a small hole. I've pounded a nail through it into a board. I've used a leather punch.
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A watch shop/jewelers should do this for a few bucks.
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Are you sure a leather punch would be too large? I have one of these rotating multi-sized ones, and the smallest hole is actually pretty tiny. I believe before I got one, I used a dremel to drill a tiny hole through a watchband.
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Try an awl. Works on leather belts too.
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I've had cobblers do this exact thing, on watch bands, belts, and tall boots that had a back buckle. Oh, and a pair of lederhosen. I've been charged a varying amount between 0 and 3 dollars, but I always gave them 5. A jeweler/watch shop is probably a more sure bet if you want to make sure they have a small enough punch, but any cobblers should have one too.
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I've used a corkscrew on belts before and it's worked well.
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Drill with a small bit also works.
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