Marriage Counseling in Philadelphia?
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Recommendations on marriage counselors in and around Philadelphia, PA?

My spouse and I have not been seeing eye to eye for some time now. We do not spend time together except when our kids are involved. We are going to sell our house in the next few months (hopefully we'll find a buyer); in the meantime we have little choice but to stay together. I feel somewhat resigned that the marriage has run its course, but I have resolved to engage in therapy with an open mind. I am not looking for advice on how to save our marriage; rather, I am looking for someone who can help us decide whether it's worth saving. I would also like to speak to someone who can help me sort out what it will be like, logistically and emotionally, to split up.

On a practical note, we need to know what our next move is going to be in terms of housing. We've been planning to sell the house for financial reasons for some time now; this isn't the source of or reaction to our marital difficulties.

I have left out the gory details as I do not want you all to dwell on the particulars or attempt to sort out our problems. You are not my marriage counselor, but perhaps you can help me find one.
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It would really help to know whether or not you're interested in religious counselors, and if so which religion/denomination.
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My husband and I liked Dr. Linda Guerra, who has offices in Center City and Bala Cynwyd. (Also, you probably already know about Psychology Today's therapist finder, since it's recommended frequently here on AskMe, but there's the link, just in case. You can sort by insurance or specialty, too.) Good luck to you and your family.
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MeMail me for a personal recommendation.
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