Want to break up the grey of my cube!
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Is there a Canadian equivalent to Think Geek?

I am starting a new job in September. Yay employment! I would like to get some small expression of my personality to put in my cube. Please direct me to the best (Canadian!) online source of fun/amusing/cute mugs and miscellaneous other cube goodies-- I like a lot of the products on Think Geek, but sometimes shipping costs and times are a bit absurd coming from the US.
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Geek Cantina seems to fill that niche.
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Have you seen dealextreme.com? Shipping can be on the slow side but it's free, and they have some very amusing stuff, all of it quite cheap.
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Note that it is nearly impossible to place an order with DealExtreme and not wind up adding at least a couple of units of their signature item (a pig-shaped LED keychain flashlight, for under $1 US). It's a great site, but be aware that the road to madness is paved with small white pigs with glowing pink noses.
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Seconding Geek Cantina. It's the closest thing to a Canadian version of Think Geek that I've been able to find.
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A cheap idea that works for any nation: buy old calendars for cheap, cut the pictures apart, and decorate. I have a "Hawaii wall" in mine to greet people coming in.
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Geek Cantina is good, albeit not as furnished as Thinkgeek.

You may want to try browsing Etsy, for awesome apparel, accesories and various handcrafted or vintage goodies. There is a Geekery section full of super neat things, plus you can set these regional settings so you can have the Canadian $ currency and shipping prices for your region.
I can't vouch you will find everything shipping to Canada, or in the price range you'd like, but it's all different sellers there is no way you can never find a good deal.

Hope you can make yourself the geekiest office! :D
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