Need 64-bit MS Paint install file!
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Could anyone provide me with the 64 bit MS Paint install file from Windows XP or Vista? (NO Windows 7!)

I upgraded from a 32-bit XP computer to 64-bit Windows 7 one. Microsoft decided to "upgrade" MS Paint in the latter version and now it is a big steaming pile of turd that can't even make stuff like it's basic paint bucket tool work right anymore.

I've always used MS Paint for spriting and pixel art and I really need it back.

There are many tutorials on how to install the old version on your Win7 machine but I can't find a 64-bit version for the life of me. (I'd just have used the file on my old xp 32-bit computer otherwise and wouldn't have bothered the Hive Mind)
If anyone could provide me to paintnt.exe (or maybe even just paint.exe?) 64-bit, I'd be extremely grateful!

P.S: If anyone even utters anything about getting Paint.NET or Gimp or anything like that I will do my best to reach through my screen and physically throttle you.
I don't need any alternate program, freeware, shareware or what-have-you, I already have Adobe Photoshop for all my other art needs, I just need the old handy/clean/simple little MS Paint again for what it did perfectly.

Thanks a truckload for any help! :D
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You can run 32-bit apps on 64-bit windows. The old one should work just fine.

(Also, there are lots of better programs out there for making pixel art. Paint.Net and GIMP are not among them. I don't do this sort of work, but I'm sure a MeFite can point you in the right direction.)
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Response by poster: It's not that I haven't tried you know,but it keeps telling me: "This version of the file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need a x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher."

That doesn't sound like it's working much. :(

(also please stop it right there with the suggestions. I may not have made myself clear but there is about a thousand well-meaning people that kept clogging all the threads about help with MS Paint itself with those. I think one reason I couldn't find anything in all my scouring of Google is because of the sheer amount of demands for help that got derailed by people saying "Why u want da Paints XYZ program is much better!".
I know you mean well, but please, I'm am incredibly tired of seeing posts second-guessing everyone that just want MS Paint like me. Maybe I'm missing out on a program that's a bajillion time better at spriting and whatnot and also brings you your slippers and the morning and spits gold out of your DVD drive but I don't wanna hear about it. Sorry.)
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Response by poster: I need to specify I run as administrator and also tried to use XP (and the other) compatibility modes with the 32-bit programs and it did nothing for the compatibility issue above. :(
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Where did you try to install it? You have to install 32-bit programs to Program Files (x86).
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Response by poster: @Canageek: I tried to install it right there. Then I tried in the other program file just in case. No avail.
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Mod note: few comments removed - OP maybe you want to rephrase your response?
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Response by poster: Thank you jessamyn. I wish you hadn't erased my disclaimer tough as I am not finding the courage to re-write it in lenght but it's no big deal, in short:

Everyone, please refrain from posting alternate software suggestions/mocking comments about my software choice instead of helping up with MS Paint, it's considered derail and will get erased.

Thank you all for your understanding, and extra thanks for everyone genuinely trying to help: nothing might work so far but you guys still tried and you rock!
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Best answer: Alright, I have been receiving some help by PM too along with the comments here and one person provided me with the 64-bit files for MS Paint, both for Vista and XP.

For future record from anyone having the same issue as me: the Vista one wouldn't work but the XP Paint.exe works fine!
Otherwise, I had come to a possible other solution, and received a PM advocating the same, that a Virtual Windows Machine with XP might also have done the trick, albeit it is a more drastic solution.

Finally, I want to say I'll be open to return the wonderful favor that person did for me to anyone else that couldn't find MS Paint 64-bit either and provide you with the .exe, just PM me!

Thanks to everyone that didn't troll, and the mods, and the nice people that PM'ed!
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Best answer: The first forum link I found on Google gave me a working answer. You need the executable file and the right DLL. My 32-bit copy of mspaint.exe and the dll mfc42u.dll was all I needed to make it work on Windows 7 64 bit. Copy both files to any folder and run them. I ran 'em off of a thumb drive.
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(Asking for people to send you copyrighted software in private, and then yelling at the people trying to answer your question is not going to win you any friends around here. We don't always get a full/complete answer on the first shot, but try to help you work through the problem. It's okay to add caveats to your question; it's not okay to threaten to punch us in the face if we don't answer the question to your exact specifications.

Unless it's an embarrassing personal problem, it's also generally frowned upon to resolve AskMes in private via MeMail. Many of us here want to help you and answer your question as best as we can, but could seriously do without the 'tude.)

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Response by poster: I wonder what you think about necroing a thread to continue an argument that is done and gone and erased by the mods.
Of course, I suppose you weren't there and the posts are erased now so you didn't witness all the trolls, nor my polite attempts to have anyone unhappy to resolve matters with me by PM or by restraining themselves from posting here as by no mean whatsoever were I ever forcing anyone to help me with the matter at hand if they couldn't. (as a reminder: the matter at hand being making old MS Paint work on 7, and not laughing at MS Paint users, nor having lenghty derailing discussions comparing the merits of other software. Simple enough. Schmod, Canageek, caution live frogs and a couple others got it fine. )

Still, if you want an idea on what happened despite any attempts to avoid it in the first place, go and find on google threads about the here subject of using the old MS Paint: they always get swamped in "lol Paint sucks!" trolls and drowning in "gimp vs "wars for some reason.... you'll get the idea quick enough.

I never asked anyone that did wanted to help to do so by PM, but some people did of their own volition, I suppose from wanting to avoid the trolling going on in the thread and being caught in the mods' mass clean-up.
I tried my best to share the solutions I have received by the PMers here as so to help people with the same problem in the future. Frown upon it as you will, I can't very well have people unsend me their PMs or something, can I? Or maybe you'd like me to scold them for having used a "frowned upon" way of lending me aid and force them to post here? They have my gratitude and I won't bother them because you are not happy with how they chose to proceed. If they want to come here and repost tough, they are welcome to and I'll be sure to mark as best answer.

As for MS Paint itself, you may as well as me go and search on Google to see what is Microsoft official stance on sharing the old version. All I saw coming from official sources was "Use at your own risk, we are not responsible if any issues arises from using the old version." and "Thank you for your feedback on our newest version of MS Paint, we will keep your issues in mind." I didn't see any claim that the replacement procedure was illegal, but if you want to try and find out more, you may do so at your leisure.

Now, please, if you have any more enlightening and righteous counsel or chiding for me, do so by PM. The mods have had enough with this thread, so do I, and it's resolved.

Same respectfully applies to any potential future reader who would like to add their grain of salt.

Thank you for keeping the askmefi questions clean and arguments in the discussion section!

QUESTION IS CLOSED, thanks again to people that helped!
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you may as well as me go and search on Google to see what is Microsoft official stance on sharing the old version

Microsoft has a history of opposing the unauthorized distribution of Windows and its components.

Also, you don't get to decide when people stop responding in this thread. If you only want to carry on further discussion via MeMail, then I would suggest that you start with that yourself rather than only expecting it out of others.
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Response by poster: I know, I should just have used telepathy to ask further users to ask users to stop derailing a resolved thread and proceed any further squabble attempt against me in private messages.

Another of my gross failings I guess, how dare I not be able to use telepathy and instead write a message and hope random internet strangers with a urge to pick a fight would understand the words: "please [...] do so by PM" and "Thank you for keeping the askmefi questions clean and arguments in the discussion section!".

Clearly I deserve to be further reprimanded about it, but please, do so by PM, I respectfully ask of you. AskMefi is not for pursuing internet vendettas- I know you have nothing but a totally deserved and not slightly unrequited contempt for me but at least, respect the staff and moderators trying to keep things clean and peaceful.

This is my last comment in this thread, which I sadly had to type too due to above-mentioned gross lack of telepathic powers. I know you will want to post again to show the rest of the world how you sure have a much more clever repartie than whatever I might say and also that you sure would never want to do anything I say, and I can't prevent you to do so, but I will ask again, please PM and let this resolved thread end.

If it helps, I am more than willing to claim: I am a big doo-doo face, everyone else was right to troll me, boy you sure showed me how much of a moron I am, you win.

Thank you for showing me the way.

Note to possible passing mods: I don't know if it's done but this thread keeps on attracting people intent on pursuing flamewars, and even with most of the comments gone, it's still happening. Nothing positive is likely to come up here anymore: as it stands it's better up deleted as whole, or locked as second-best option.

Thank you.
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Clearly I deserve to be further reprimanded about it, but please, do so by PM, I respectfully ask of you. AskMefi is not for pursuing internet vendettas- I know you have nothing but a totally deserved and not slightly unrequited contempt for me…

I don't find anything "respectful" about this over-the-top, sarcastic response or about making unsupported statements about other community members' mental states.
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