Non-Woofing Subwoofer in Need of Repair
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Help me find a place that can do quality speaker/subwoofer repairs in the Los Angeles area.

The subwoofer of my Infinity Modulus II home theater setup has stopped working and will no longer power up (light doesn't come on, no sound). I've opened it up to see if I could find some obvious problem that I could fix myself such as a broken connection that would be simple enough to solder back together. I tried and traced the flow of power with my multi-meter but quickly hit a point where what I was looking at exceeded my limited knowledge of electrics and electronics.

So now I'm looking for recommendations for AV or speaker repair shops in the LA area. I'm located in the San Fernando valley but would happily drive 20-30 miles for this. I found a couple of places online but I can't tell which ones are reputable and do good work.

I love my setup and want it to work again! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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My husband is an audiophile and his advice is to call Brooks Berdan for their recommendations.
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Best answer: Solutions!, or Sunset Speaker Repair, has been in business since the '30s and is full of insane audiophiles at reasonable prices. Plus, you get to see the Elliot Smith mural.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! Looks like I got some options to explore here...
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