Best Hollywood tour bus?
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A dear friend from overseas is visiting me on her first trip to L.A... but unfortunately I'm going through a bit of a rough patch health-wise, and so can't help her sightsee as much as I'd like. She's expressed interest in hopping on one of the Hollywood bus tours while I get some rest over the weekend, but I have no idea which ones are best and which ones to avoid. Any former tourists to my fair city have any suggestions?
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I've never been on one, but Scram runs Esotouric and those always look great. Hope you feel better soon.
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Lots of love for Esotouric, but the Starline 24-hour hop-on, hop-off tour is a screamin' deal at $35/adult. Those are the ones with the big double-decker busses. Between the three routes they cover everything from downtown to Santa Monica. I walk by the Stop 7 in Beverly Hills pretty regularly, and the people there waiting for a bus never seem tooo miserable, usually just a bit sunburnt.
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Thanks for the kind words. My husband and I get this question all the time, because Esotouric only goes out on the weekends (it's the Bukowski tour today). So in June we formed a consortium of independent, well-reviewed L.A. tour guides called 7 Days in L.A. There are now 20 participating members and a pretty full calendar, so maybe your friend will find something here.
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If your pal wants some folks to hang out w in Hollywood/east Hollywood, hit up me or klang....we'd be happy to play tour guide.
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I think Starline is the one to do for people who are perhaps first-time visitors to LA, and who really want to see all the classic sights. But if she's going to ride on top she definitely needs a hat and sunscreen.
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Have her come to the Hollywood Farmer's Market tomorrow. (Yogurt is on me!) Then have lunch at Stout's (they're supposed to have great burgers) visit Amoeba and catch a movie at the Arclight. (all in a three block radius) Then walk down Hollywood Blvd. to Max Factor Museum on Highland, then dinner and martini's at Musso and Franks's.

That'll cover a lot of territory and be more of an adventure. Hollywood at it's coolest ; )
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