Bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy
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Bacterial Vaginosis during pregnancy, is Flagyl safe?

I found out I have bacterial vaginosis and I'm at 13 weeks and 5 days. I'm used to having BV because I've lived with it for as long as I can remember, but during pregnancy it's a little different. Today I was prescribed flagyl by my OB Dr. and I'm really afraid to take it, I know the doctor would not have given it to me if it would be bad for our baby but doesnt ease the mind much. My partner and I have tried for 4 years to conceive and this is our first success so I'm especially anxious as well. I've done some research online to find out if it was safe for the baby and I found nothing but horror stories and it's only worrying me more so I figured I'd come here to find out what kind of info the hive mind could give me. Have you or your wifes/gf's experienced this during pregnancy? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I can't offer any personal anecdata, but, why not get a second opinion from another OB? And talk to your current one about your concerns, maybe he/she can offer some specific data that will help you decide.

Don't rely on us random Internet people.
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This is a job for, the awesome website with the terrible name! They say it's category B, which is nearly as good as it gets.
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I took Flagyl for BV when I was pregnant, and it was fine. Be aware, though, that BV during later pregnancy can lead to pre-term labor. IIRC, it weakens the amniotic sac. Mine broke 9 days before my due date, and there was no way I or the baby were ready. She was born 48 hours after my water broke.

Good luck!
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I took Flagyl for BV and it was fine.
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I probably took that during my first trimester (don't remember the med now!) and I was scared as hell, just like you.

Turned out just fine:))

I avoid pharmaceuticals at all costs, so I know where you are coming from here. Do whatever double-checking makes you feel comfortable, and then treat your condition ASAP.

Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy. Every moment from here on out is the best time of your life!!!

(Baby jbenben is 4 months old - it's GREAT. My best to you!)
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Another thumbs up for metronidazole from Motherisk. Looks like it's ok, but of course IANAD(Y), and this isn't medical advice.
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