Saving xps files as pdf
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I want to save documents as pdf files instead of xps files in using Windows 7 print utility. There's a plug in from Microsoft to do it in Office 2007 programs, but I want to do it with other programs, specifically accounting software. Anyone know a plug in to do this?
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Response by poster: Hey thanks, that seems perfect with the exception of the stupid Yahoo tool bar installation trap, no I did not fall for it. I was having trouble finding what I want among the hundreds of options out there.
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Best answer: I prefer CutePDF.
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Best answer: Oddly, I was just working on a list of PDF drivers for a client yesterday.

Here is what I came up with. There are certainly more, but these are the big links.

PDF Printer Drivers that can be downloaded.

Bullzip PDF Printer
Adobe PDF driver for Windows
PDF 995

Apple / Macintosh
Adobe PDF driver for Mac
PDF drivers list from CNET
PDF drivers list from softwaretopic

And just for fun........

Image Editing Websites
BigHugeLabs Flickr
Free Online Image Editor
Imagic Photo Enhancer
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There are likely PDF features not supported by the built-in Mac driver. Even full-featured PDF products omit certain parts of the PDF spec. I have no evidence but my guess is the emphasis at Apple will be on generating PDF suitable for desktop use and generic home/office printing, but less so on prepress compatibility, etc. You would expect to use a paid-for PDF product for that, e.g. Acrobat Pro and tools from Enfocus.
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Seconding CutePDF.
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Why on earth would you need a print driver for Apple / Macintosh when it's built into the OS?

Not all print drivers offer the same options. And if they do, sometimes it is easier to access the feature that you want from one driver as opposed to another. I keep about 10 PDF drivers active which is overkill for most people, but I find uses for them on a regular basis.

Another issue: just because Apple decided there was a driver they wanted to build into the OS does not guarantee it is the best for the job. They have been known to prefer certain vendors due to licensing agreements as opposed to better functionality.
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