If it's really "location, location, location," show me some locations.
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Since Google Maps ended its real estate search function in February 2011, have any of you found a good replacement? I can't find anything like it.

I live in Houston and, while the local MLS site (www.har.com) has a great map search function, I miss what Google Maps used to provide, which was sort of a broader aggregation of everything for sale, including what was on HAR. Red dots covered the map and showed you exactly where that house was for sale. Sometimes it was a little out of date (e.g., listing things that had sold months before), but still a great lead for those of us looking to buy not just within zip codes, but within blocks.
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The Trulia iPad app is remarkably cool.
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Yeah, Redfin. Zillow is second place, but still pretty good.
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They're already in Austin and Dallas, but not H-town. Looks really promising, though.
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I was going to suggest Redfin as well, but it looks like they don't do Houston yet. :-/
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There's Trulia and Zillow, not sure they exactly do what you want but you can look at listings on a map.
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Zillow is what I have been using.
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Have you tried the map search function on HAR? It will let you zoom in and draw a box around a selected area.
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I think what I'm looking for is a search function where I can start with the map first, as opposed to a search function that is by house criteria that, once you've told it how many beds/bath etc. you want, then displays results on a map. So I want to start with the map--I want to know everything that's for sale in this particular area--and then sort from there.

It seems like Zillow and Trulia might be refining their maps a little, which I found pretty cumbersome at first. I'm going to play around with those sites' map functions and see what's the what.

HAR's got a great map search, but I also want to see things that aren't listed through HAR (mainly for sale by owner).
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I've seen Padmapper mentioned on here a few times.
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I think you can get the functionality you want out of Trulia. Start by entering a zip code (or city + state) into the search field. When the results come up, click "expand map" to get a bigger map, then tick the "search within map" box. Drag/Zoom the map all you want and it will update results for the visible map. You can still use the "Refine Search" stuff on the left to narrow down the results.

The other sites may have similar options, but Trulia is the only one I've used lately.
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I want to know everything that's for sale in this particular area--and then sort from there

Zillow does that - Here's the results for 77002. You can then add any filters you like from the box in the top left of the map.
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HotPads does this. I've had a few minor episodes of inaccurate location, but mostly OK.
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