Melbourne Commonwealth Games Accomodation
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Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! My wife and I are heading off to the Commonwealth Games next year in Melbourne. We're waiting for confirmation of our tickets, but in the meantime have seen the prices of accomodation in Melbourne during this period skyrocket beyond our price range. Any suggestions for how to obtain decent (AU$150-$200 per night) accomodation during events like this? Or will we simply have to bow before the forces of unbridled capitalism?
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You can always trust the Aussies to shake down a passing tourist ;-)

This may be of no help as they include the disclaimer 'rates subject to change without notice and surcharges may apply during special events' but The Nunnery have some decent accommodation. You'll have to contact them direct to get a rate for the week you want to be there...

They're on the CBD side of Fitzroy (great for food 'n' booze) which may not be on top of most of the venues but trams are easy to get.

P.S. Up the Pies!
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Find some Aussie friends of a friend, and offer them half the going rate per night for their guest room. The connecting friend can vouch that each party is responsible and trustworthy (assuming that you are :-) and would probably get along. Treat your hosts as hosts, not a hotel (ie you are a guest in their home under their rules, and act like it), and as a result, you come out of it saving some money, they come out of it making some money, and hopefully you even got along well enough that both parties made a friend :-)

Social networking sites like Friendster and OKcupid might also help you find the friend-of-a-friend, but asking around would be better.
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You could try couchsurfing for something. Or ask on The Thorn Tree (Lonely Planet's board site)

Melbourne's public transport system is good, so if you can get something a bit out of the way on the tram or train lines you may find that would work.

For instance, you could look for places in Yarraville or Fitzroy or maybe Richmond.
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