Modafinil in the UK
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According to this website (Maybe NSFW, Mail order medicines) it is legal to order Modafinil in the UK. Is this true, and if so is there anywhere to get it cheaper?
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It's legal. You can order Adrafinil instead, which is the metabolic precursor of Modafinil. Two main differences: potency (100mg for M vs. 600mg for A) and Adrafinil has been associated with elevation of some liver enzymes if in some people, if you use it daily for some months. The upshot is that adrafinil is almost 4 times cheaper, and is uncontrolled even in the US. It seems to do the same job as modafinil, although I haven't sampled modafinil.

The vendor I ordered from, is International Antiaging Systems, although the one you linked to, is also legit.
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Oops: ignore the bold 'if'.
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Thank you. That's very interesting.
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The IAS website says Adrafinil is not available to the UK and EU. Has that changed since you got yours?
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I'm in the US, so I don't know.
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