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Where can I find fantastic formal maternity gown?

Hello. I'm 6.5 months pregnant and I'm supposed to go to the Emmys. In a month. Which will make me NEARLY 8 MONTHS PREGGO on the day of the awards. And yes, my show is nominated. So there's a slim (pun intended) chance that this maternity gown gets some camera time.

Some details that make this dress search challenging: I was a size 14-16 before I got preg, which put me on the 'plus' fence anytime I needed anything formal. And I have to tell you guys, most plus-sized formal dresses? Yeesh. So many ugly choices, so little time. So I need help. I may still have time to have a designer friend make a dress for me (I especially like Catherine Zeta Jones' Oscar dress from when she was pregnant) but in the meantime I'm doing a speed internet search. Ideally, I want a floor-length dress, not strapless, preferably some sleeve. Thus far, I've searched Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, Bella Blu, eBay, and Isabella Oliver, as well as the plus-sized sections of Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Macy's. I have a few options, but nothing that I'm wild about. Have I overlooked a fabulous website or store?

My goal: trying to avoid looking like I ate one of our actresses. Help.
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YAYYYY!!! Congrats on the emmy's but more on the precious babe!!! I'd find a qualified seamstress in the area and have her whip something up, not showy, a dark color, keep it classic and simple but knowing that you will grow between now and then, probably easier to have someone craft a dress for you. Don't stress too much about the gown, enjoy the MOMENT!!! Huge accomplishment and your babe will be thrilled to know that they played a part in the accolades!! ENJOY!!!
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Have you tried a bridal shop? I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when I was my sister's Matron of Honor. They had to buy me a bridesmaids dress in a much larger size and then take it in to fit me. My last fitting was just a week before the wedding since that kid just kept growing.

Anyway, a bridal store will have a much larger selection of gowns that can be ordered in plus sizes since bridesmaids come in all different shapes. They might be a good bet.
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Maybe this dress at the rental site belly bump boutique? It's a 14-16, and fits many of your requirements (although not the one about sleeves). The whole time I was pregnant I wanted an excuse to rent from them. I guess, too, if there is nothing you want to rent there, or if you don't want to rent, it might give you an idea about other designers to look at.
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Have you thought about buying a formal saree and having it made up into something vaguely wrapped and all? Just thinking how well the drapes and folds and pleats suit people of all sizes. Some examples (this is drawstring)
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I absolutely think having someone make you something will be the way to go, considering the challenges you're working with and the fact that you don't want to wear something super-recognizable. The major trouble will be guessing at HOW you will grow over the next month; a garment with pretty draping/pleats/ruching/whatever over your belly will be helpful for finessing that.
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I love Isabella Oliver's non-maternity wear, and she does some lovely dresses for her maternity line.
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Congratulations on both! You're in LA, yes? Lots of tailors there ... if your designer friend doesn't have time surely someone can whip you up a CZJish little something ... in Bangkok I used to just take pics from magazines in and come out with (decent) facsimiles. Best of luck!
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Ack, you mentioned looking through Isabella Oliver's stuff already! What about Rachel Pally's White Label, Tadashi Shoji, or Carmen Marc Valvo Women? That said, getting a great seamstress to make you a facsimile of a designer gown might be the way to go.
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Pea in the Pod has some decent looking ones, which you could have altered or embellished. Hatari used have flowing sorts of things, but I haven't been there in a while. If you don't already have a dressmaker, I don't this is the time to find one. Fittings are a right pain when you're feeling swollen.
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Bridal boutique seems like a solid idea. Weddings are one of the few occasions when pregnant ladies have to dress up. (This is likely not high-quality enough for you, but something like this dress from David's Bridal? Or this has a bit of sleeve and is apparently available in all sizes and all colors? This has no sleeves, but also seems available in all colors?)
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This has that CZJ look. It says maternity friendly, but I can't find any pictures of a pregnant woman in it. I know I have seen them somewhere thought! They have a store in LA so maybe you could try it out.
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Guilty pleasure of mine - Celebrity Baby Blog - posts maternity photos of celebrities.

Here are a few gowns - 1 2 3 4

And then I started looking more... Here's Google Image for "pregnant" "red carpet"

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Looks like this brand specializes in maternity gowns.

Don't forget about Japanese Weekend.
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Oh hello! I am the same amount of pregnant as you and also in LA! In your shoes (instead of my own flip flops) I would be looking online at ASOS's huge maternity selection (which is actually where most of my current wardrobe comes from), and especially at the stuff made by French Connection. FC is a well made and thought out brand and they have some pretty fancy and fashionable stuff. Their largest size is a US 12, but I started my pregnancy as a 12/14 with huge boobs, and the FC stuff has always fit me well on the generous side, as has the Mama.licious, the ASOS own brand is more inconsistently sized. ASOS also have an amazing shipping and return policy so you wouldn't lose much by giving a bunch of stuff a try.
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