Online resources for women weaning from anti-depressants for pregnancy?
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What kind of resources -- blogs, online communities, etc. -- are out there for a woman who is trying to wean herself from anti-depressants, in hopes of getting pregnant?

This is for a friend, but I'll try to answer any follow-up questions with what I know. She is currently on several different anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs, including Prozac, Wellbutrin, Seraquil, Lithium, and Buspar. She is thinking she'd like to try to get pregnant sometime soon, but she's feeling pretty daunted by the thought of trying to wean herself from medications that have helped her a lot. Are there online communities or blogs or something out there that address this issue? I'm thinking she might be helped by the perspectives of others who are facing or have faced this, and especially who are working through it successfully.

In advance of any concern on this score: she's definitely under the care of doctors and would be weaning with their knowledge and advice; this is more to help her see what others' experiences have been.
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She might check out Lauren Slater's books. Slater, iirc, goes back on her meds but her kids are fine.
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Best answer: The Patients Like Me forums have a couple of threads with women talking about exactly that, and most people on there are open to being contacted for more info.
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I'd send her and anyone to for pregnancy advice. There's nothing too obscure about what she's asking to do, and others can help her. Weaning off antidepressants during pregnancy, or staying on them, isn't uncharted territory. Altdotlife is where I'd start.
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Dooce has discussed this, but I'm not having luck finding the post I was thinking of. I believe that with her second full-term pregnancy she stayed on most of her antidepressants, but perhaps not all of them?
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Best answer:'s Table Talk thread called "Melancholy Mamas". It's in the Members Only section so you can't see it unless you are signed up and logged in to Table Talk.

I started that group WAY back when I had to wean myself off of 4 meds and on to 1 different med for getting and staying pregnant. Please have your friend read one of my old AskMefi comments if she is seeking info about pregnancy, anxiety and depression. And tell her best of worked out for me and many other women I know.
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That comment I linked to above is one that I made while I was still pregnant. This comment gives the whole story and the very happy ending.
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Best answer: This is a difficult choice and one that I am glad I will not have to make for some years. Good luck to your friend. Here's Dooce discussing medications and her second pregnancy.
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I know of one community centered around fertility ( and just people trying to get pregnant, period) They talk about just about everything and have a very positive and supportive vibe. If you can't find what you are looking for there specifically, they will sure know where to point you.

Check it out. FertilityTies
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