Looking for ceramics classes in San Francisco
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I am looking for suggestions or recommendations on beginners pottery classes in San Francisco.

I looked on Yelp* and found this place http://www.theclaystudio.com/ and was like, "Zomg! That is just what I am looking for!" but I went to their website and apparently they are closing :( Sad panda. I am posting this question to the interwebs because I really would like a place much like this and am hoping someone might know of a hidden gem or two.

(*Most of the other reviews on Yelp seem to be for paint-only pottery studios, where you buy a premade piece, paint it and have it fired for a fee. That stuff is fun too but I am looking for the whole shebang.)
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Are you willing to cross the bay? There's The Potter's Studio in Oakland or Create in Clay in Emeryville, UC Berkeley also offers Pottery classes (open to the public). The Crucible in Oakland only has hand-sculpting, not on the wheel, but I expect it's amazing like everything else they do.
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The community colleges also seem to offer it -- at City College of San Francisco Beginning Ceramics is Art 160A, but it looks like only a MW morning class is still open for the fall (searchable schedule here), and at the Peralta Colleges (Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley) it's Art 80 and there are a few still open, (searchable schedule here, note that when you finally get to search results it's only showing you 3 of 8 and you have to click "view all sections")
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Check out Sharon Art Studio in Golden Gate Park - they have ceramics classes.
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These are some good leads, thank you everyone. Also thank you brainmouse because your mention of The Crucible reminded me that I have also been thinking of taking glassworking type classes as well. Perhaps I should look into that instead....
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