Rippled carpet? This is wrong yes?
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I had carpets installed on monday. Some ripples have appeared since then. Is this is indicative of faulty workmanship, or something that should calm down over time?
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Best answer: It depends. If your carpet was glued to the floor, there shouldn't be any ripples. This would be faulty workmanship.

Or it is carpet over pad and it wasn't stretched tight enough when it was installed. If you saw an installer on his knees kicking the carpet (with his knee) near the walls, then it was stretched carpet. If this is the case, call them up and ask them to tighten it. It happens sometimes.
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Best answer: There should never be ripples; it wasn't stretched properly when anchored at the edges.
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Best answer: My boyfriend, high end rug tailor and installer says this is due to the carpet not being installed properly. Either it wasn't stretched enough or wasn't stretched correctly, call the installer or the company you purchased/had the carpet installed from, and tell them what I have told you, tell them you would like this problem rectified immediately, any other answer than "Absolutely we will take care of that right away.", is unacceptable. He works for a reputable all inclusive (sales, installation, tailor made, specialty) carpet company that specializes in custom rug fabrication and installation of high end materials, mostly with Interior Designers/Decorators, actually I (boyfriend) am writing this right now, hee hee. At any rate I know my trade and this dilemma your having is due to poor workmanship. Any further questions feel free to inquire through E-mail @
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Best answer: Have them come out and re-stretch it - that definitely should not be happening!
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Response by poster: Yep the company wore it straight away and hare having someone come out and fix it asap.
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Best answer: Wall-to-wall carpet should be "power-stretched", not just kicked in with a knee-kicker around the perimeter of the room. Wrinkles indicate the installation needs to be corrected, it is a common failure and can be fixed.
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