Brunch and after-dinner drinks in Chicago
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Brunch in Chicago with toddler? After-dinner drinks for the parents?

Hi folks! My husband, parents in-law, nearly 3-year old and I will be in Chicago this weekend. We are looking for places to get breakfast/brunch/lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. I have looked at these two questions and am just looking for a bit more feedback with respect to our specific requirements.

1. We are staying at the Hampton Inn on W. Illinois and Dearborn. We would like places that are reasonable walking distance from here (no more than about half a mile, max.)

2. Kid is very well behaved, but a long wait lessens the likelihood of perfect behavior. So no hour-long waits. Also, we are going to the Cubs game on Saturday and the White Sox game on Sunday, so a place that doesn't take forever to get you in and out would be great.

Second, husband and I have a reservation at The Black Sheep for my birthday dinner on the Saturday night. Where would be a good place for post-dinner drinks? We like dive bars and places with a good beer selection. Again, we will be walking.

Thank you!
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I don't have a good reco for brunch w/toddler, but you will love the Black Sheep. Walking distance from Black Sheep are a few good bars, including the Matchbox, which is about five blocks away (on Milwaukee near Ogden). Their beer selection is outstanding, and they make great mixed drinks too.
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You're in luck, you're right around the corner from Frontera Grill, they do a mean mexican brunch.
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Note that Frontera Grill, while great, is open for Saturday brunch/lunch only. Closed Sundays. Call to reserve as soon as possible since you're traveling this weekend.

If that doesn't work out, you may want to try Xoco, his quick-service style restaurant, which will definitely get you in and out fast (it's next door).

For Sunday brunch, you may want to consider Sable, which is quite close to your hotel and takes reservations on I've only been for small plates and cocktails, but the food was quite good.

A 10 minute walk from Black Sheep is quite possibly the most interesting cocktail bar in the country, The Aviary. If you happen to change your mind on beer/dive bar, that is where I would head. There's nothing else like it.
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Also, you'll probably get more responses on a dining-focused message board like Chowhound.
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