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Please help me figure out how to manage subscribers to a paid newsletter.

I'd like to start a paid newsletter, emailed monthly in pdf format. How do I track subscribers? Is there a company/program/website/software that helps manage subscriber lists, payments, and so forth? I'd like as simple a solution as possible. It seems most of what I found in the Google Machine was services like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, et al., aimed at email marketing, not paid newsletters.

Any recommendations?

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MailChimp can do paid newsletters, in conjunction with an Amazon Payments account.
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Do those still exist? ;)

Anyway, more serious answer - Unless this amounts to something very time-sensitive (like cutting-edge stock predictions) or so personal as to mean nothing to the rest of the world (a "Bergenstein family newsletter"), you also need to figure out how (not "if") to deal with massive piracy of your content.

As my personal recommendation, find a way to consider it free advertising rather than bothering to fight it. But, to each their own.
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