Book on Zen and intuition
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Long-shot book filter: Looking for a book about Zen that I used to have ...

The book was about using Zen in everyday life. I remember there was a whole chapter about developing intuition, with a story about getting some nasty young thug into the witness box without calling him as a witness (so that he could be cross-examined). It was published either by a very small press or privately. The author was a lawyer who was (I think) a district attorney/prosecutor in a city in the northern USA. I think he had a German-sounding name. Not much to go on, I know, but suggestions welcome--thanks in advance.
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Was it The Cow in the Parking Lot? Relatively new (2010), about anger, and the author's from Tucson. But it's Zen, and he's a lawyer...
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Response by poster: Sorry Elk, can't be--the one I have in mind was published at least 20 years ago. But thanks for trying.
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Was it maybe this book by Jan De Wettering? I read this ages ago and do not remember the details, but the author also wrote mysteries, so I thought this could possibly be it.
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Response by poster: I found it! It's Openings: A Zen Joke Guide for Serious Problem Solving by George A. Katchmer Jr. Just goes to show you that you should always check Amazon, if you can come up with a suitable search. In this case it was remembering that the author's first name was George.
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