Cancelled series: couple builds neighborhood resistance cell BEFORE alien invasion
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What was this cancelled or never-aired TV series: aliens invade Earth, and an older-looking, probably not-really-human couple reveal that they brought a bunch of people uniquely suited to fight the invasion together to live in their neighborhood?

I remember seeing a preview, sometime in the past 10 years, for a new science-fiction TV show about an alien invasion. In the preview, an older couple - middle-aged to old - talk in ominous tones about how they feared the invasion would come; but they somehow engineered things so a special set of people would be living in their neighborhood, and these special people are pretty much Earth's only hope in fighting. The implication is that the couple are not really human. I don't know that the series ever actually aired. It was probably slated for one of the major broadcast networks. It's not anything that is airing right now, and it wasn't on the SciFi/SyFy Channel. It was set in modern times - early 21st Century.

I'm wondering what the series was, and if it's available for viewing anywhere.
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Could it have been Invasion?
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Response by poster: Invasion? Don't think so. Aside from William Fichtner, the oldest star in that show when it aired was 35.
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Could it be The 4400? Plot: 4400 people, abducted by aliens (later, it turns out to have been humans from the future), are all deposited at the foot of Mount Rainier. None have aged since their abduction. Many now have supernatural abilities.
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The only thing I remember that combines aliens and the elderly is Ron Howard's Cocoon with Brian Dennehy. It's not a TV series, and it's not about an invasion, but it did have a sequel.
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Best answer: Sounds like NBC's "Day One" (YT | IMDb | TFC). But despite the advertising, I'm pretty sure it never aired -- it was supposed to be a mid-season replacement in the 2009-2010 season (as announced during the 2009 upfronts), then got relegated to tv movie (i.e., burned-off pilot), then never even made it to the air as such.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks. Day One was it. I was wrong about the "alien" couple being particularly old; I guess it was their gravitas that struck me in the preview. Unfortunately, it looks like it never aired and is not available anywhere.
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